Since 1966

We have a passion for flexibility. In IVG it’s everywhere: in our products, in the production processes, in our people.

IVG Colbachini is an Italian company. We produces rigid mandrel rubber hoses. Hoses suitable to convey any type of fluid: powders, granules, gases and liquids. Flexible hoses that meet the needs of different industrial sectors: oil & gas, food, chemical, dredging, metallurgical, railway, naval.

Hoses can reach continuous lengths of up to 120 meters and can be supplied with any type of fitting at the ends.
Each IVG rubber hose is tailor-made for the customer. It is a perfect mix of technology and the manual experience of the men and women who make them.
We like to think of ourselves as tailors. From the beginning we set a long term goal: industrially produce tailor-made solutions also in small batches. We can combine the economic, technical and quality benefits that only big industrial productions can guarantee with the advantages of product customization which is typical of the “artisanal” productions.

50 years of work have given our company a precise identity in the areas we operate in. We are supported by a strong network around the world. A network for integrated solutions. We are present in more than 100 countries worldwide and we have 4 international branches. Every day we are able to provide quick responses to our customers thanks to these numbers.